Yulio Chat: Meet Your Clients in Virtual Space

Turn your virtual gallery, showroom, or project into an interactive driver of sales today with LiveChat.

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What is LiveChat in VR?

When you integrate chat with Yulio, you can choose when your staff is available to chat, and on which VR projects. You can launch chat right when your customer is looking at products and better re-create the showroom sales experience.

Answer questions, suggest options and move prospects along the sales cycle in one virtual visit. 

Three Ways to Use Yulio’s LiveChat

Navigate Your Client

Help new visitors to your showroom or gallery explore the details of your space. Suggest points of focus, encourage the use of your floorplan, and guide them through an interactive experience. 




Answer Questions Instantly

Chat is quick and convenient - you'll find many customers prefer it over email and phone. Support them while they explore your VR scene or send your responses by email. Be one click away from helping customers with instant answers to their questions or concerns. 



Access In-depth Analytics

LiveChat provides you with a range of third-party integrations and features, including detailed reports to track customer service goals and progress. These insights teach you about your visitors and which projects receive the most interactions.  


LiveChat moves prospects along the sales cycle -

and replicates the in-person private viewing experience.

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