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The fundamentals of virtual reality for business. 





How can you create simple, practical VR presentations for your clients?

Yulio is the easiest way to Create, Enhance and Present VR and AR.

In this course, we'll share our insights for bringing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to your business in practical ways.


In this FREE 5 day course, you will learn:


  • Why VR is going beyond gaming and why it's ready for business
  • What to look for a VR solution that brings you measurable results
  • The technical and training issues you should consider as you integrate VR into your workflow
  • The different types of VR and options around hardware
  • Tips for creating your first designs in VR


Plus, we'll share Yulio Whitepapers and Worksheets to help you evaluate VR solutions and fit VR into your workflow.



Our FREE course contains 4 video lessons, and a design tip sheet lesson.

We'll also include whitepapers and worksheets relevant to each day's course materials.

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